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CD Arevon provides comprehensive asset management services to owners of utility-scale, industrial, and commercial renewable energy generation assets.  We provide tailored solutions that deliver value across the entire lifecycle of developing, constructing, financing, owning, and operating solar, wind, and battery storage projects.  Our team of experienced professionals and renewable industry experts includes dedicated development and construction professionals, commercial asset managers, performance engineers, operations managers, and finance and accounting professionals.

Development &

We can support all stages of development and pre-construction activity including evaluating potential investments, managing late-stage development, leading procurement activities, and developing construction strategies that reduce cost and scheduling risks to optimize project delivery.


Our professionals have years of experience developing and constructing solar and wind plants of all sizes.  They’re well versed in all aspects of development and construction and can manage and oversee engineering, procurement and construction activity.

Asset Management

We offer extensive asset management services including, performance analysis, technical, commercial, financial, accounting, audit, tax, compliance and administrative services necessary to ensure the optimization of the entire lifecycle of our investors’ portfolio of assets.  These activities drive control of potential risks to ensure investors obtain or exceed their expected returns.

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